Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trailer Time #1: ATM, Goon, Silent House, Thin Ice, and Wrong

Welcome to Trailer Time, the segment where I take several trailers released from this week, and give my review on them in addition to my anticipation rating, too.

First up is "ATM," the newest thriller starring Josh Peck, Alice Eve and Brian Geraghty. The plot is three friends out at late night in town but one of them needs cash, so they stop at a dimly lit ATM. However when they're about to leave, they see a man outside that's staring them down and it turns into a game of surviving in the cold in addition to trying to outwit the psychopath outside. I'm one that's usually up for a people-trapped-in-a-place thriller movie, but this just looks so silly! The three lead actors are all talented, but they look completely wasted of their potential. If these characters had their phones on them, then none of this would ever happen. I expected a better sophomore feature for writer Chris Sparling (2010's Buried), but he has stopped down so low considering the material shown in the trailer along. Overall, "ATM" has forgettable thriller written all over it, so my anticipation is...

Withdraw this film's release!

Next up is the trailer for the ridiculous hockey comedy "Goon." Seann William Scott plays Doug Glatt, an average schmoe who's signed by a local hockey team because of his strong ability to fight other players. For an independent sports comedy, this surprisingly looks very funny! It's cool to see Seann William Scott in a "non-Stifler" comedy character, and instead plays a character that is dimwitted, but can kick lots of ass on the ice. The movie overall looks like it's definitely embracing its sheer absurdity, and it's reviews from TIFF have been pretty positive. Overall, "Goon" looks like it could be one of the first entertaining comedies of 2012, so my anticipation has...

Scored a hat trick!

Silent House
Next up is the horror movie (which is also a remake of an Uruguayan film) "Silent House." Elizabeth Olsen seems to be making a huge name for herself with "Martha Marcy May Marlene" and this movie (which premiered at last year's Sundance) looks like it could deliver the scares. Promoted as being filmed in one continuous shot, it gains the same vibe that the Spanish horror movie "REC" did, but it will be a matter of waiting to see whether this movie utilizes the same technique as well as "REC" did. I like how the trailer didn't show many of the big scares like some movies do in their trailers (cough...The Devil Inside), so I'm intrigued to see what this remake has in store for us. Overall, my anticipation for "Silent House" is...

I'll enter if I was dared.

Thin Ice
Next is the trailer to the "ice cold" dark dramedy "Thin Ice." The plot and characters are definitely going to hark back to the Coen Brothers classic "Fargo," and that's why I really have a slim interest in seeing this film. Greg Kinnear plays a struggling insurance businessman who tries to steal an expensive violin from one of his clients (Alan Arkin). But when Crudup's character becomes involved with the scheme, things go horribly wrong, and now they must cover their tracks from the chances of being caught by the police. I like Greg Kinnear, but he looks like he's no William H. Macy in his performance. Crudup looks flat in his performance as the shady figure of the film, and Alan Arkin seems to be lost on why he's starring in this film in the first place. Overall, the trailer for "Thin Ice" was just way too Fargoesque to grasp my attention, so my anticipation is ironically...

Riding very "thin ice."

And the final trailer to review is the teaser to Quentin Dupieux's new film "Wrong." Dupieux previously directed the infamous B-movie "Rubber," and like my first impressions to the trailer for "Thin Ice," "Wrong" looks very Coen Brothers-esque. The idiosyncratic nature and characters fall into the perfect examples of the aforementioned statement, but at the same time, I am a kind of intrigued. I never saw "Rubber," but Dupieux seems like he's branching out his range while also maintaining his Robert Rodriguez-knock off style being director/writer/cinematographer/editor/composer for this film. "Wrong" will premiere at Sundance in a few months, but it's teaser has surprisingly got my attention, so my anticipation is...

Oddly Intrigued.

So those are my thoughts on the latest trailers released, but if you've seen any of these trailers, comment below with your opinions on them.

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  1. I don't have interest in the others but ATM looks good despite its story but it looks good.